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There is an adage “You get what you pay for!” and it is a saying as old as time.

But in these austere times there are possible exceptions to the sentence above.  Sometimes you can be paying over the odds for very standard services and not receiving value for money.  It can happen that a contract or agreement seems correct, but actually you are paying too much.

Take for example the three services listed above – archiving, shredding and scanning, if you choose the wrong partner to help you with these it can get expensive. Add ons, exit clauses/fees, extra expense for a slight deviation from the contract – all of these things can happen and do happen to companies and businesses all the time.

The key is to work with a partner supplier that is not looking to fleece you at every juncture, a provider that promotes flexibility and understands that business objectives may change and service requirements may need to be tweaked.

The difference in pricing across the service types can range dramatically too.  It is also possible that you may gain, for example, in the area of archive storage, but the scanning and shredding aspects are prohibitively expensive.  Basically, unless you purchase the three services piecemeal (separately), you will perhaps pay more than you need to for these essential services.

Thankfully, there are some potential partners in the marketplace that can help in this area, providers that are flexible enough to work with you to ensure costs are kept at a reasonable rate across the board and not to the detriment of service levels.  The Document Warehouse (TDW) falls into this category and offers a value for money solution that covers the services discussed here and so much more.  

One of the successful strategies that The Document Warehouse (TDW) has employed is called “Break the Chain” – which covers archive storage – this allows a customer to move away from poor customer service and dodge the abhorrent, massively inflated exit charges that can sometimes be levied to unsuspecting businesses.

If you feel you are paying too much for your archive storage, shredding or scanning then contact The Document Warehouse (TDW), we may be able to help you too!

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