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"I am a member of a great  number of professional institutions, and hold two Royal charters.  I am very impressed with the IoP and take delight in the fact that the decision to join was a good one."

Dr S J Randall Morris,

"Many thanks for your expedient response & congratulations on the presentation of the joining packs etc. All very impressive. I shall be pleased to recommend the IOP to colleagues."

Gary Murray, O.Inst.Pa

"Thank you so much for taking time out to reply to my email, the information given has really helped me gain more insight and knowledge for the right path to take."

Lisa F

"You’ve given me more information during this short telephone conversation than I’ve been able to get anywhere else from anyone.  It’s been really helpful."

Angela J.

"I am really happy that I have been able to speak with you, it is nice to speak to someone who has knowledge. I have emailed so many different companies and they just further confused me and tried to sell me their products. I really appreciate all your honesty and genuine help in guiding me."

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