Fellowship For Experienced Practitioners

Are you an experienced paralegal? You could be eligible for IoP Fellowship through our experiential route to membership 

Our Experiential Route enables you to receive recognition as a professional paralegal practitioner at the Fellow level, the highest status of IoP membership. It offers a time-effective solution to reward paralegal professionals, practitioners and consultants to become professional members of the IoP even though qualifications have not been gained.

At the IoP we recognise that competency can be achieved through non-academic routes.

You do not need to be a Legal Executive or a Solicitor to be able to offer the vast majority of legal services. Paralegal roles exist from junior positions through to fee earner positions and beyond. Paralegals can also work freelance, as sole traders or Own a Paralegal law firm.

The Experiential Route may be right for you if you:

  • have current paralegal experience appropriate to the level of membership you are applying for
  • want recognition for your knowledge and experience
  • need a route into professional membership that does not require you to study for a qualification.

Your current job title is irrelevant, legal assistants, senior paralegal, clerk, will writer etc You work experience may have come from within the legal sector such as in law firms, chambers or the courts or may have come from industry, local government or the charity sector. 

Equally, the area of law or legal practice is irrelevant- we have members offering every area of practice.

The Experiential Route can reward your achievements with professional recognition. 

Taking the Experiential Route Assessment will enable you to reflect on your skills and knowledge to date, re-energising your career enabling you to fulfil your long-term career aspirations. Successful completion will enable you to:

  • be awarded a level of professional membership with exclusive member benefits via IoP Perks
  • use designatory letters after your name (Q.Inst.Pa/F.Inst.Pa)
  • benchmark paralegal experience against the IoP Competency Standards
  • demonstrate your commitment to our Code of Conduct and CPD requirements

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The Experiential Route Process

Experiential Assessment not for you? Study a relevant IoP qualification leading to professional membership.

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