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A commitment we take pride in

Recent events have once again highlighted the deep-rooted problem of discrimination within our communities. All organisations must be part of the change to step up and stamp out prejudice, and to build diverse and supportive cultures of respect and fairness for all.

We are committed to promoting equal rights and opportunities, supporting diversity and creating an open and inclusive environment within the legal sector.

At the Institute of Paralegals, we recognise the work that has been done to improve diversity of opportunity for paralegals within the wider legal sector. We have launched our Charter for employers of paralegals to make a commitment to diversity and inclusion to ensure that the legal sector is able to meet the needs of consumers and clients.  Our charter aims to assist employers to attract and retain talent. We work with you to identify career paralegals as well as those who wish to progress their careers further. 

Commenting on the Institutes' Diversity and Inclusion Charter, Baroness Hayter, Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords said:

“This is a welcome and important example of leadership.  Not waiting for others to take action, but some real, practical steps to make a difference.  I hope everyone will sign up to, and implement, this Diversity and Inclusion Charter”

Charter signatories will pledge to:

  • Have policies and procedures for the recruitment of paralegals that is inclusive and promotes diversity within your organisation
  • Have a dedicated named person for contact purposes for matters relating to our charter
  • Support the development of career progression for paralegals
  • Support the Institute and its signatories by sharing examples of best practice and innovative activities that help to improve diversity and inclusion within the sector as a whole
  • Contribute to an annual consultation on diversity of opportunity for paralegals, which the Institute will publish to ascertain the progression and impact that the charter is having in the sector.

Signing our charter will enable you to demonstrate commitment to diversity and inclusion.

By becoming a signatory, you will be:

  • At the forefront to help shape diversity and inclusion for paralegals into the workforce
  • Able to demonstrate to your employees and clients that you are committed to your paralegal workforce (Charter mark will be available to use on your website and marketing materials)
  • Have access to a regular dialogue with the Institute to enable you to work with us on developing training programmes and shaping skills that will better fit the changing needs of the sector
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