Partner News: The New Way to Increase Leads: Releases Intestacy Tool to Drive Home the Importance of Having a Will

What would happen to an estate, if someone died without a Will?’s new lead generation tool – Arken Intestacy – will show your potential clients in just one minute.  

Host the tool on your website and allow prospects to answer a series of short questions to generate an on-screen assessment of what would happen if they were to die ‘intestate’ – without a Will in place.* 

“Arken Intestacy is designed to equip our clients with the marketing tool they need to really drive home the importance of having a Will,” comments’s Head of Legal Content, Sam Warner. “54% of UK adults still don’t have a Will. Given recent events – this statistic needs to change. 

It’s time to show people in black and white what could happen if they don’t get their affairs in order. Sometimes, seeing is believing.” 

This new business tool will help practitioners grow their practice despite the current difficult environment, helping to ensure that those who really need a Will, have the information they need to make informed decisions. This is particularly the case for unmarried couples – there are over 6 million people cohabiting in the UK, which is 1 in 8 people over the age of 16 living together but not married or in a registered civil partnership. “The law applying to unmarried couples is woefully inadequate compared to their officially wedded counterparts,” continues Sam. “But under English law, unmarried cohabitees are treated as completely independent people. The effect of not making a Will is particularly disastrous for them. Arken Intestacy is the spotlight the industry needs to draw attention to this unrealised risk.” 

With face-to-face meetings and in-person networking events continuing to be put on hold to ensure public safety, it is crucial to find an efficient way to acquire leads and grow your business remotely. Shareable across social media and accessible on any device, Arken Intestacy will futureproof your marketing strategy, no matter what’s around the corner. 

Arken Intestacy integrates with the wider Arken product suite to allow for optimum productivity and efficiency. Link the tool with Arken Online Wills and data capture tool, Arken Acquire, to streamline the delivery of straightforward Wills via your website, 24/7, while taking instructions for more complex requirements. A customisable service over which you remain in full control. 

“Arken Intestacy will not only generate leads and increase efficiency but enable practices and individuals to access new markets remotely,” comments CEO of, Dave Newick. “Arken Intestacy helps educate and raise awareness of the need for Wills, especially amongst a younger, tech-savvy generation that is largely disengaged with the estate planning market. Millennials now demand online functionality and instant results. Over the next 30 years, 

£5.5 trillion is to be transferred to Gen X and Millennials, with £1 trillion of this occurring over the next decade. With this much wealth changing hands, practitioners must create a relationship with the people inheriting the wealth before they inherit. Arken Intestacy and an online Will offering 

reaches the audience who are inheriting and who are starting to gain assets. It grabs attention through personalisation and follows up their interest with a quick way to make a Will then and there. This is the new way to generate leads.”  

Advisors are already benefiting from the tool: 

“We chose to subscribe to the Arken Intestacy tool as this complements the next steps of our business development to encourage interaction with estate planning services online,” comments David Birchall, Solicitor and Private Client Partner at Nicklin Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers. Educating our clients, visitors and business partners is important and Arken Intestacy is a resource that highlights quickly and effectively the risks estate wealth is exposed to where no planning is in place. Many prospects these days expect to be able to self-serve access to information and take steps to implement solutions digitally, knowing there is human expertise on hand if needed. Arken are helping us to achieve that outcome.” 

“We have found the Arken Intestacy tool to be an easy and simple resource to integrate into our marketing strategy,” explains David Frederick, Managing Partner at Marcus Bishop Associates. It has been a cost-effective generator of new leads and clients. Moreover, it is a very intuitive tool that helps busy people and millennials who prefer online communication to take action and make a decision.” 

*Applicable in England & Wales only 

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