Training Business for Sale

Training business for sale

Sale of The SAS Law School - Expression of Interest Invited

The well-known and Institute accredited SAS Law School (visit site here) is for sale, due to illness. The proprietor says:

"The SAS Law School originally called Solicitor’s Assistance & Support (SAS), was founded in Feb 1993, during a period of very high unemployment. It started as a training company for those seeking employment by offering them opportunities to enter the lower end of the legal profession as legal clerks and outdoor clerks. Over the years the school added other courses to its library.

Within a couple of years the training provision started to attract university law students in growing numbers. This resulted in a period of collaborations with a number of university law departments. ( Still a potential growth area if developed)

In 2007 the school also became a training provider for Jobcentreplus, mainly in the London area. Over the course of 3 years the training offered Jobcentreplus customers was redesigned to provide some highly unique features to make it both more beneficial to their customers and more financially attractive to the school. (A good potential growth area if developed).

In 2010 the school expanded its training provision for Jobcentreplus to a national level. Making it available to jobseekers across the country. (The potential growth for this area is very substantial if developed).

In 2011 it developed a Learning Club designed to be set up in other countries and that would provide a mechanism providing individuals, who become members of the Learning Club, access to courses by earning credits rather than paying hard cash. The target market for this programme are those who under normal circumstances cannot afford private study due to financial constraints but who yearn to better themselves. (This is an international market opportunity with tremendous growth possibilities if developed).

In conclusion:

The founder and owner of The SAS Law School is looking for a person or persons who would like to develop the full potential of the school and who have the means to do so.

In return the owner is open to serious inquiries and is flexible on how a purchasing package/deal could be constructed and delivered e.g. outright sale with no further involvement by the founder, a deal involving the founder, or another configuration.

In the first instance please direct your interest to John Carter at [email protected]

NB: the Institute has no role in this sale nor does it warrant any of the information above or otherwise make representations. Potential buyers must make all due diligence enquiries and satisfy themselves as to the responses.

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