And the winner is...

Congratulations to JoAnna Emery F.Inst.Pa who is Head of Pure Ideas and Group Formalities on getting all of the answers right in our "How well do you know the IOP quiz?" and for being picked as the winner of the £10 Amazon Voucher.

Thank you to everyone that took the time to enter (86% of you got 12 out of 12). Here are the answers below:

Q1: What is the IOP's strap line?
Setting Standards. Promoting Professionalism

Q2: Who is the Chief Executive of the IOP?
Rita Leat

Q3: One of the IOP's Professional Membership Benefits is a free one year Affiliate Membership with which Paralegal Association?
A: New York City Paralegal Association

Q4: What are the IOP's Lifestyle Benefits called?
IoP Perks

Q5: Under what heading on the website can you find the Code of Conduct?
A: Guidelines & Ethics / or / Memberships

Q6: Who is the Head of Membership at the IOP?
Carmen Nadolu

Q7: What is the name of the Regulator who issues Paralegal Practising Certificates to IOP members?
A: Professional Paralegal Register (PPR)

Q8: How many grades of membership are there?

Q9: What are the main criteria to become a Fellow of the IOP?
A: Requires a Level 6 qualification or above(Degree Level) AND has a minimum of 4 years legal practice experience (or experiential route)

Q10: Which year was the IOP incorporated? Which year was the IOP given institutionalised status?
A: We were incorporated in 2003 and in 2005 we were granted institute status by the Secretary of State for the Department of Trade & Industry, after proving that we met the government's requirement that we were a "professional body of the highest standing".

Q11: Who is the new Director of Development and Innovation?
Neil Newman

Q12: What is our monthly E-Newsletter called?
The Paralegal

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