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Time for Growth: Interview with Neil Newman, Director of Development and Innovation

The way we work has changed forever and at the Institute of Paralegals we are looking to the future. Our aim is to continue to be at the forefront of promoting career Paralegals globally and the role they play within the legal community.

The next step of this journey will be with a new Director of Development and Innovation, Neil Newman. In this article Neil tells us about his new role, what´s in store for the IOP and a little about himself.

What attracted you to the role at IoP?

One of the main attractions to the role was having the opportunity to work with such a diverse community of professionals that undertake such a diverse range of work.  The potential for growth is huge.  There are an estimated 100,000 paralegals that work in the UK and a large proportion may not even realise that they are a doing the work of a professional paralegal. Law firms simply could not operate without a Paralegal workforce so this makes it an incredibly exciting time to join IoP. 

Neil Newman

The importance of paralegals within the legal sector was on show at the inaugural National Paralegal Awards Ceremony. Which congratulated finalists on their achievements and successes.  It was a truly enjoyable evening. And highlighted the importance of all legal providers being recognised for the work that they do. 

The Institute’s vision is hugely motivating.  It sets out to uphold the highest standards in knowledge, practice and ethics across the paralegal profession. I look forward to working with members and our stakeholders to put IoP at the heart of the profession and ensuring that we stay true to our core values.

What do you feel is IoP’s biggest strength?

The Institute’s core strength is its members. IoP has grown steadily in influence and impact over the last few years to become an integral part of the paralegal profession. It has an incredibly diverse global membership demonstrating its an organisation open to everyone.

The IoP is also a relatively young organisation. And has a governance structure that enables it to succeed by being flexible, responsive and closely attuned to what’s happening in the wider environment.

What does the future hold?

I am looking forward to an exciting future for the Institute, and all its stakeholders.

We are currently living in extraordinary times. Where we are all working remotely and utilising technology to continue to do business. We have seen at first hand, the need for great leadership. And our Chief Exec is the most informed and well-connected person in the sector, who drives the Institute forwards. As a team, we will ensure the Institute can make a real and lasting difference to how we shape the future of Paralegal work by promoting career paralegals globally and the role they play within the legal community. The future for our paralegals is bright as the demand for career paralegals continues to grow.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Keeping fit mainly, I am a keen cyclist and love to go on long rides. 

When you were younger, what did you want to be?

I always wanted to be a pilot so I could fly family and friends to exotic destinations.  It was highly ambitious.

What did you do for your first job?

I worked on a farm during the summer harvesting hops 12 hours a day.

To find out more about Neil and the IoP team visit our meet the team page or contact us.

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