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How to keep working in a data-compliant, efficient and effective way when Covid-19 turns office life upside-down!

In these uncertain and difficult times, it is essential that businesses attain the fullest and most efficient value-for-money coverage across their archive storage, document records management and most importantly - data protection and compliance.  It is not easy finding that key supplier that can combine all those aspects and come up with Utopia…….

Paper and Electronic Document Management

COVID-19 has affected the way that we do business very significantly. Over the past year our customers have brought their problems to us and we have helped solve them. Here is a list of some of the more common issues, and how we helped resolve them – does any of this sound familiar?

These are just a few of the issues facing Legal sector Procurement teams and the lack of options means they sometimes suffer in silence and begrudgingly stay with a supplier of Document Management services that has them over a barrel while providing sub-standard service across a vital element of their business.

The solution……”Break the Chain”

The Document Warehouse (TDW) has identified a way for Legal firms to enter into a new relationship with a supplier that ensures minimum disruption to your business archive, guarantees a cost reduction and dramatically increases the customer service level in the process – even when you’re still contracted to your incumbent service supplier. You can read more about TDW’s market-leading document management solutions at

Data Protection and Compliance

An absolute minefield! A constantly evolving area that encompasses legislation not just from European/UK Regulators, but Regulators globally.  So many questions to be answered in regard to personal and business data, and with Brexit finally reaching its target date of the 1st January 2021, the legal requirements on data dramatically change.

One of the most important changes is if you are sharing personal or business data across borders then you need to be professionally represented in that country or region.  The UK Government have been advertising this fact consistently for a while, but a lot of businesses are still unsure of how to proceed and what action they should take.

The solution……”contact TDWico”

The Document Warehouse International Compliance Office (TDWico) can help make Legal firms more fully aware of the whole situation and are experts at helping organisations understand their standpoint and liabilities in this area.  TDWico were recently awarded “Best Outsourced Data Protection Service 2020” at the Enterprise Awards.  This selection was determined via value for money, expertise and the level of customer service exhibited by each participant. You can read more about TDWico’s simple and award-winning compliance solutions at

Remote Mailroom

Covid-19 may possibly have changed the “commercial footprint” landscape forever.  Everyone seems to be working from home, hopefully, at last, gaining that work-life balance that has been so hard to achieve.  This way of working is not going to go away anytime soon.  But what about the mail I hear you ask?  A key requirement for any business, however large or small, is to be able to continue communicating “hard copy” with their customers, suppliers and prospective clients.  This has been made a lot harder with offices being closed, with the threat of them never being opened again.  One of the issues facing owners and senior management has been the basic task of printing and posting correspondence. And then what happens to all the inbound mail that may contain time-sensitive information that needs to quickly reach its addressee, not wait at Reception until that person is next in the office?

The solution……”outsource your mailroom function”

The Document Warehouse (TDW) is able to offer both an inbound and outbound mailroom service to remove this significant issue from your business.  This allows your company to continue working and operating at its previous level – in some cases maybe even to a higher standard as we employ professionals to undertake these tasks.  Increased productivity via workflow management allied with cost reduction on operating costs may be just the solution for you.  You can read more about mailroom solutions at

Other Services

Why The Document Warehouse?

  1. Excellent Value – our rates are some of the most, if not the most competitive within our industry;
  2. Superior Customer Service – we operate at the highest level and really take care of our clients;
  3. Longevity – we have been operating globally since 1992 and in the UK since 2010;
  4. Innovation – we continue to strive to make improvements to all aspects of our proposition;
  5. Knowledge and Experience – built up over many years and a vital resource for our clients; and
  6. A “One Stop Shop” – put simply, there is no-one out there quite like us in terms of what we offer.

Exclusive Offer to IOP Members

A 10% discount will be applied to any service or product supplied by either The Document Warehouse (TDW) or The Document Warehouse International Compliance Office (TDWico) – offer to end March 31st 2021.

To redeem this offer, please email [email protected] quoting reference IoP2020 and a member of the TDW team will be in touch to help you.

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