digital data security

How Secure Is Your Digital Data…..?

Digital data security

Data security is becoming more and more important and that is probably a massive understatement!

Whether you are storing this data in the cloud, on servers somewhere offsite or even on IT hardware within your premises, there is a huge responsibility to ensure the correct level of security is in place to protect your “soft data”.

Measures that can be taken to ensure data security is observed include the following :

  • Regularly backing up your files, storing the back-up copies somewhere secure offsite;
  • Put in a decent anti-virus software package;
  • Safeguard digital data with passwords to restrict data access;
  • Store important files on removable disks and keep these in fireproof and waterproof safes;
  • Authorising only certain staff into computer areas by means of controlling entry via ID cards or magnetic swipe cards;
  • Sensible policy of logging off or turning terminals off and if possible locking them;
  • Use write-protecting disks to avoid deletion; and
  • Facilitate data encryption techniques to code your data so if there is a data breach that it makes no apparent sense to a perpetrator.

A lot of the suggestions above are just good common sense, but could be critical in ensuring that your business is secure in a vital area. 

The next question is who do you work with to safeguard your digital data, but at the same time guarantee that sufficient data compliance/protection measures are in place for your organisation? 

After all, whether data is in a hard copy or soft copy format, it still needs to conform and be subject to the rules and regulations of data compliance – it is possible that you may need help in this area, a supplier partner that can help you keep your digital data safe, whilst at the same time ensuring that you adhere to data protection laws.

The Document Warehouse (TDW) is an expert at keeping companies and businesses “legal” and has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you keep your digital data safe.  The Document Warehouse (TDW) has systems, tools and processes available that are exclusive to our clients and make their work lives safer and less troublesome in this important area of their business.

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