The Institute of Paralegals celebrates Black History Month 2020

We asked some members of the Institute of Paralegals to tell us what Black History Month means to them and what it represents.

They also shared with us who inspires them. We at the IOP believe it’s important that we continue to highlight those that are role models to prospective professionals in the legal sector and colleagues alike.

One of the many purposes of this month is to celebrate individuals, achievements and diversity in equal measure.

The article will be published on IOP’s website later in the month, so do watch out for it under the news section.

Black History Month 2020 has been identified by many as the most important month in the 33 years of its inception that defines the social, cultural, economic, and political progress that Britain’s Black community has made.

Recent events have sparked uncomfortable conversations and protests worldwide. It led to the biggest civil rights march on record and created a movement that brought the topic of diversity to the forefront.

All organisations must be part of the change to step up and stamp out prejudice, and to build diverse and supportive cultures of respect and fairness for all.

We are committed to promoting equal rights and opportunities, supporting diversity and creating an open and inclusive environment within the legal sector.

The Institute of Paralegals has released a new strategy for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the legal profession by launching a charter to improve diversity and inclusion for the paralegal profession.

The charter outlines why change is needed and the approach that needs to be taken by the Institute, its members and partners. To ensure that individuals from all backgrounds are not only recruited into the sector but retained and progressed too.

The Paralegal sector is the most diverse sector providing legal services. And the IOP is proud to support the development of paralegals to improve diversity of opportunity to enter the legal services market.

A new Diversity and Inclusion panel is being formed by the IOP.  It will advise, evaluate and monitor progress on this agenda.

Commenting on the Institutes' Diversity and Inclusion Charter, Baroness Hayter, Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Lords said:

“This is a welcome and important example of leadership.  Not waiting for others to take action, but some real, practical steps to make a difference.  I hope everyone will sign up to, and implement, this Diversity and Inclusion Charter”.

“Black History Month 2020 is a time for people to come together and hopefully learn lessons for the present and the future.

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