There are many different types of storage boxes in the marketplace and they are available in lots of different shapes and sizes.

The key is to find a box that:

  • Doesn’t deteriorate quickly;
  • Provides value for money;
  • Is strong enough to do the job required;
  • Is not susceptible to the elements;
  • Vermin are not interested in; and
  • Will last for many, many years

The key is to find an archive box that is strong and can withstand any packing/unpacking, stacking procedures and that lasts for many years.

The problem is that many cardboard storage boxes have been designed to have a short shelf life, with the idea that they will need replacing after 1-3 years.  They fall apart with important documents not being totally secure and possibly getting lost, causing data protection problems/issues.

The solution is to invest in specialist archive boxes that have been built for longevity, are very strong, can withstand the elements (including vermin, due to the boxes being acid-free) and will last indefinitely.

Thankfully, The Document Warehouse (TDW) have found the answer with their Doc-U-Box product, which due to the inhospitable climate and setting of Africa (where they were established), have formulated a specialist product that ticks all of the boxes above and more.

These Specialist Archive Boxes are available in three sizes, large, standard and small and can more than compete with any storage boxes that exist within the UK market.  So, if you are fed up with your storage boxes falling apart then call on The Document Warehouse (TDW) to help you.

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