The problem is that when you are moving offices (and therefore your hard copy archive), it is not just about moving a few boxes – or getting everyone dressed in their best warehouse clothes to help with the removal project.

There is more to consider than just the physical removal of your archive boxes being transferred from A to B.  There needs to be a strategy and this should not fall to just your premises, facilities or office mangers!  Realisation that things need to be thought through a little more – some guidance and things to ponder:

  • Cost – companies and businesses sometimes do not factor in the extra cost of removing their hard copy documents and this can be expensive if not planned properly;
  • Time – not leaving enough time to remove and re-install the archive happens all too often;
  • Compliance – Retention Schedules are essential when removing documents containing data, although not all organisations ensure these are put in place;
  • Losing files – yes this happens, and unfortunately a lot more than you would think, causing a major headache, especially if these documents fall into the hands of people that shouldn’t have them; and
  • Archive Boxes falling apart? – think about it…..your storage boxes have sat in a basement somewhere and now you are going to move them en masse.  Will they stand up to the removal process? and
  • Is outsourcing the whole document removal and re-installation project the best option? This includes sourcing specialists that know what they are doing, ensuring a smooth implementation with everything back in place at your new facility.

You have to make the correct choices for your business in this area, remember the archive storage that has to be removed cannot be treated like a coatstand or office chair, it is much more than this.

Thankfully, there are specialist companies in the market that can remove this headache away and remove this tiresome burden allowing you to facilitate the other 101 tasks that comes with moving offices.

The Document Warehouse (TDW) is such a company and can help you cover the following :

  • The infrastructure for a proper Records Management System
  • Manage records and the law
  • Formulate new file plans and amend existing file plans
  • Formulate Retention Schedules
  • Give guidance on maintenance of the filing system
  • Develop disposal and destruction programmes
  • Transfer information to the archive repository/ record centres
  • Supply specialist TDW personnel to help with the move
  • Supply bespoke specialist archive boxes that are stronger and last longer

Come and speak to The Document Warehouse (TDW) if you need help with this Project!