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25 Feb 2020


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


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The Future of Legal Services

Regulation of the market, consumer protection and technological innovation

This seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the final report of the Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation following its expected publication. Delegates will consider the conclusions reached by the Review on the scope and focus of regulation and the function of regulators, as well as the impact the proposed recommendations will have on the legal profession.

The seminar will look at the role of the regulators, with discussion focusing on their remits and how they balance the regulatory objectives. This will include the contested issue of independence of the regulatory arms of legal bodies, following the Legal Services Board open consultation on internal governance, as well as the announcement by CILEx of its intention to give its regulatory body complete structural independence. Delegates may also consider the prospect of a single overarching regulator.

Attendees will examine the position of the consumer in the legal services market, following the Legal services market study, published by the CMA in 2016, which found deficiencies in the way that the market was serving individuals and small businesses.