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    Please read these notes before completing the form.

    To help us process your application promptly, please write clearly and use block capitals throughout, following any instructions carefully. If your form is not completed correctly, this may delay your application process. Please only use this form if you are applying to become a member for the first time.

    Membership Application Forms must contain an applicant’s name, his or her address, a disclosure of any prior record of misconduct, disciplinary proceedings or criminal convictions, a signed or if made online accepted declaration, the payment of the registration fee and the current subscription fee for the type of organisation, as notified on the Institute’s website from time to time.

    The Head of Membership reserves the right to ask an applicant for further and better particulars of his or her application and/or the necessary amount of payment in settlement of the administration fee and the current subscription fee.

    All completed applications will be reviewed in accordance with the Institute’s approved procedure. On receipt of a completed Membership Application Form, you will receive an acknowledgment email. The application will then be reviewed and you will receive a notification on the outcome of your membership. The Head of Membership will either send an acknowledgement, within 5 (five) working days of receiving the same to the applicant, or inform the applicant of the outcome of his or her application or, if necessary, request further and better particulars of the application.

    An applicant may appeal against a decision regarding his or her eligibility for membership of the Institute, in writing, to the Chief Executive, within thirty days of being notified of a decision on his or her application. The appeal will be dealt with in accordance with the Institute’s approved procedure.

    If, for whatever reason, an application for membership is unsuccessful, the accompanying payment less the non-refundable application fee will be refunded on request to the Executive.

    In order for the membership team to make an informed decision about your application and your level of membership, it is essential that we receive current and accurate information. The membership team will not be able to make an informed decision until all the required information is received.

    You will also be required to comply with the Institute’s Code of Conduct and the Complaints Procedure and accept them; please read them here and here before applying.