Regulation For Paralegals

Regulation Information For Paralegals

Paralegals are not regulated by government and therefore anyone can set themselves up as a Paralegal.

The Institute as the only government recognised professional body for the sector in England and Wales provides support and guidance for those who wish to become professional Paralegals. Professionalism has two elements, competency and accountability.

The Institute has written the competency standards for Paralegals which map to the National Occupational standards for legal services. We therefore can assure that our Paralegals have all the tools they require, including a new suite of qualifications to be launched this year, to fulfil the competency requirement.

The Institute is also one of the founding members of the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR) who have become the recognised overarching voluntary regulator for Paralegals in England, Wales and Internationally.

As the IoP is a Recognised Body of the PPR then our members can join the PPR to enable them to fulfil the second criteria of being accountable.

The IoP’s role is a professional membership body it is not a regulator.

Our members can apply for Paralegal Practising Certificates, the only right to practice being provided by a voluntary regulator.

There are no other regulatory practice certificates or licenses that enable Paralegals to show accountability as there are no other schemes that are genuine regulatory bodies.

The PPR continues to work with the legal ombudsman, the consumer panel of the legal services board and government to ensure a robust system is in place for the protection of consumers. Read more on the PPR website about the recent event at the House of Commons and see the supporters page here.