Ministry of Justice Consultation Invitation

Ministry of Justice

Review of the Legal Services Statutory Framework

To obtain more information about the challenges legal service providers face the Ministry of Justice is conducting a review of the legal services statutory framework.

The review will consider what could be done to simplify the regulatory framework and reduce unnecessary burdens on the legal sector while ensuring there is still appropriate oversight. It will consider the full breadth of the legislative framework, covering at least 10 pieces of primary legislation and over 30 statutory instruments.

MoJ are also open to comments on the interaction between the legislative framework and the detailed rules and regulations of the approved regulators, licensing authorities and the Legal Services Board and Office for Legal Complaints, although these are not owned by MoJ.

To kick off the review today MoJ are issuing a ‘call for evidence’ from stakeholders. The evidence provided will be analysed to identify potential ways in which the framework might be simplified. MoJ are interested in hearing legal service providers’ concerns with, and ideas for reducing, regulatory burdens and simplifying the legal services regulatory framework. We would be interested in ideas covering the overall legislative framework, and any specific provisions or aspects within it.

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